David Burlet spinning plates

What has a comedy act got to do with your marketing strategy? EVERYTHING!

In a world of more and more complex marketing options, the small business owner can easily become overwhelmed by posting blogs, adding likes, responding to emails and just keeping up with the volume of work required to keep their marketing active.

Building a marketing plan has changed dramatically over the past few years. So how can you simplify and streamline your marketing system so you can focus on building your business? When David Burlet performs his spinning plate trick, he gets a standing ovation for spinning 10 plates simultaneously. Building your marketing system is exactly the same.

Although it appears complex, it is simply a process of getting one plate spinning, then getting another plate spinning… as the first one slows down, it just needs a quick tweak to keep it going while you keep building the numbers.

So how does this apply to your marketing?

Simple… what you need to do is create a series of 10 marketing strategies that are producing 10 of your business each. That way, when one fails, you have only lost 10 of your lead flow.

10 x 10 = 100


Each marketing strategy needs to be built out. There are 4 phases to developing a marketing strategy…

  1. Identify the target market
  2. Define the strategies. This means brainstorming and coming up with a list of 10 potential strategies, then prioritising them based on “bang for buck”.
  3. Now pick one to work on (first spinning plate). This is a project in itself…
    • Research. Learn all you can about implementing this strategy.
    • Test. Run a series of test campaigns to optimise the copy, offer and overall performance of the strategy.
    • Refine. Make changes and retest until you can see a return on your marketing. I usually look for at least break-even, meaning the strategy is self funding. Once you get a few more plates spinning, you will start to see cross-polinisation of strategies leading to a synergistic result.
    • Systemize. Now create a process so you can delegate the strategy. If it requires your input, it won’t be run consistently. Train the person or company responsible so they follow your system. You will also need to apply K.P.I’s so it is easy to monitor.
    • Review. Create a regular review checkpoint, either monthly or quarterly to make sure the plate is still spinning!
  4. Now you can move on to the next spinning plate.

This process may take up to 3 months for each spinning plate, but pays off in spades when you start to see the results!

So get started today and build a marketing system that will ensure your business grows consistently and resiliently.

Need some help implementing? Give our team a call and get some direct assistance in getting your marketing system started.