Are you worried your team isn’t equipped for the game of business?

Is your team just churning through the same old tasks?

Do you wish deep down that they were doing more?

Interestingly, Google studied over 180 Google teams, conducted over 200 interviews, and analysed over 250 different team attributes over a two year period. After much review and researching, they found the secret was hidden with the intangibles, where five key characteristics of enhanced teams included:


Completing tasks and reaching expectations

Structure and clarity:

Clear goals and well-defined roles within the group


The work has personal significance to each member


They feel their work is purposeful and positively impacts the world

Psychological Safety:

Where everyone is safe to take risks, voice their opinions, and ask judgment-free questions.  A culture where managers provide air cover and create safe zones so employees can let their guard down.

Google now describes psychological safety as the most important factor in building a successful team. The best teams are mindful that all members should contribute to the conversation equally, and respect one another’s emotions.

It has less to do with who is in a team, and more with how the members interact with one another.

Do each of your members know where they are headed?

Do they interact with one another appropriately and share their stories along the way?

Does your team feel they are connected to achieve results that are for a greater cause?

Do your team members feel safe enough to voice their opinions and let their guard down?

Is your team positioned to thrive?

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