You are not alone in business.


The greatest fear of the entrepreneur is being alone. Many feel invigorated by the freedom and flexibility of running their own business. However, they are often confronted by the long hours to get the business established, having to make all of the decisions, while being totally responsible for winning and delivering all the business.


In fact, if you looked at the typical organisation chart of the entrepreneur, there are many positions – and one name that fills all of them.


It doesn’t have to be this way…


Successful entrepreneurs have a magic word that they apply to everything they do.




In other words, how they can achieve their goals by enlisting the assistance of others.


For example, a tradesperson on the road can appear to belong to a much larger organisation. Call centres can take calls and book appointments. Websites can take bookings and deposits. Serviced offices can answer the phone as well as host meetings and presentations only when required. Bookkeepers can keep the accounts, send out invoices – and chase payment. The tradesperson can then monitor all of the business activities through a web browser in real time.


Likewise, many professionals leverage networks to gain contacts, add to their skills and knowledge and increase their business. A successful example of such an organisation is BNI. Chapters of between 20-40 people meet once each week at the same time to formally and informally refer business to each other. The firm structure of each meeting helps members do this efficiently and effectively. Other groups such as chambers of commerce hold regular meetings to increase business and interconnection in specific locations. These events help raise visibility and a sense of community.


Being an entrepreneur allows you to go for it – without having to go it alone.


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– Blog by Paul Ostaff

Paul Ostaff is part of a business coaching team