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Finance Just Got Awesome

In this episode, Scott Trevethan from Financial Fanatics shares his passion in helping business owners get the financial management that actually makes them profit and make more cash flow.

So if you are a business owner or accounting firm that’s not seeing enough profit, experiencing cash flow challenges, needing higher quality staff, and wanting to reduce cost, tune in now!

About Our Guest

Scott Trevethan is the Founder and Managing Director of Financial Fanatics. He launched his accounting career in the days of paper receipts, endless records and constant financial confusion from business owners. After spending time working in a corporate environment, he opened his own accounting firm, helping small business heroes to have a better understanding of their numbers.

By providing small business bookkeepers and accountant professionals, Financial Fanatics helps small business owners, accounting and finance firms to find more time, build their business and grow their profits.

Learn more about the problems they solve and the bookkeeping services they offer by heading to Financial Fanatics.

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