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If you need a comprehensive marketing and sales strategy with a new approach, head to www.kvell.net, where business development professionals are ready to take on your technology and make a success of it.

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How do you get people to build a relationship with you by looking at your profile?

In this episode, Jan Rautenbach of Kvell Group talks about correcting the mistakes most people make in using social media.

Not every marketing channel works for every business or industry. So if you want to know which channel will work best for your business while ensuring that your marketing strategy makes business sense and provides a return on investment, tune in now!

About Our Guest

Jan Rautenbach is the General Manager of Kvell Group, where the creative team share the vision and values of our community. The company specializes in B2B Marketing and Sales, Content Marketing Services, and Marketing and Sales Consulting. They generate leads consistently, and then nurture these leads and build relationships with them. They build trust by sharing relevant information and  keeping their clients in front of their prospects and customers.

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Learn more about comprehensive marketing and sales strategies with a new approach by heading to: www.kvell.net

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