Finding and keeping good employees is one of the biggest secrets to a successful business.

So now, I’ll tell you when the best time to recruit is.

Now, there are two conflicting sides to this.

The first is to recruit when you’re quiet. 

And the second is to recruit when you’ve got enough money to cover the costs.

But both are wrong.


You should recruit when you have the right person in front of you.

This means you should know who the right person is.

Who’s the Right Hire?

The thing is, most business owners seem to not know how to determine who the right people are.

To know who they are, we need to put it in context first.

Understand that in every aspect of business, there’s always a positive side and a negative side.

And often, when you first hire someone, it’s usually negative-geared. This means that you’re losing revenue.

It could be because of their wages and the cost of their training. And it could also be due to your business’s downtime while training them.

Also, since you’re spending some time training them, your business might not be as productive.

At this point, your new hires are not producing yet because they’re still learning. This means that you’re paying wages while losing revenue. 

Ultimately, you’re not usually seeing a return on any investment.

So, your objective is simple:

You need to figure out how long it’s going to take to go from negative-geared to neutral, and then from neutral to positive-geared on an employee.

And to do that, you also have to ensure that your new hires are capable of actually doing the job you hired them for. They must also be able to work at the level you expect.

For jobs that don’t need that much training, you can know immediately if a new hire can perform well.

Ultimately, the right hire is someone you know who can be a positive investment to your business in the shortest possible time. 

And when you know that they’re in front of you at any time, recruit them.