The question of will business coaching work for me or my business is tricky to answer… you see, a business coach needs to assess the business and the owners capacity to take it to the next level.

Based on that assessment, a program needs to be created that aligns the personality type of the owner with the pace and workload required to build the business.

None of this can be accomplished until the coach sits down with the owner and define what it is the owner really wants. This can be a painstaking process of questions and digging to understand the motives an constraints that are peculiar to each individual.

A coaching clients needs to …

  • Be Open and Honest in their communications
  • Be willing to change things
  • Be willing to make mistakes
  • Be willing to get uncomfortable
  • Be open to hearing the brutal truth about them and their business

Business Coaching is not for everyone.

If you are happy with how your business is right now, or don’t like being accountable, or are just happy to work things out as part of your personal growth, you may be better investing your money in other things…

On the other hand, if you are sick and tired of hitting the wall, not making progress, or just need a sounding board, then having a business coach could be one of the best business decisions you’ll ever make!