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Nigel Letty

Business Coach

With years of experience in my own business, I know the strategies for business success. I worked incredibly hard to take my brand from a single location, and turn it into a national network of fourteen retail stores. With experience in businesses, spanning across manufacturing, importing, distribution and retail, I have a rare combination of skills and experiences that allow me to transform businesses.
I have a knack for establishing strong processes and operating systems, along with targeted training and marketing plans. However, the thing that sets me apart is my unwavering passion for being the best in the business.

Think Clearer, Perform Better

I have 35 years of business skills and experience spanning across the retail, wholesale, franchising, and manufacturing industries which I use to contribute to the growth and success of my clients.

Every business owner needs to have both a drive and a passion for running their business as well as a clear vision of their goals. In my experience, it’s a challenge for business owners to have both. When starting out in business the passion is well and truly there, you wouldn’t be going into business if it wasn’t! As people who’ve been in business for a long time know, this passion will 0nly last over the years if you have complete control over everything that’s going on around you.

I love seeing business owners keep or rediscover that passion by giving them clarity on where they want to go in their business and how they’re going to get there through setting effective goals. It’s no secret that people work better with a clear goal in mind, and for me, it’s about finding out what those goals are for you and helping you work towards them to grow your business and start enjoying life again.   

I’m a keen cyclist and also love motor racing, fishing, and travel, if there’s adrenaline involved, I’m a fan! My passion for racing road and mountain bikes led me to the industry, I ran Bicycle Superstore from 1989 to 2013 and grew the business to 14 stores with $13.8 million turnover.

My Background

Meet Nigel
35 years of Business Experience including:

18 years of manufacturing including the development and design of top-end aluminium and carbon road racing bicycles, supplying world class athletes and the Victorian Institute of Sport under the Alchemy Brand.

21 years of importing and distribution for Trickbits Wholesale and for Melbourne Motorsport Centre. Brands distributed were Alchemy, Litespeed, Avid, Chris King, Hoffman as well as a number of other smaller exclusive brands.

35 years of retailing including the opening of 15 greenfield sites and a total of 19 stores including conversions.

12 years of developing a franchise model and growing Bicycle Superstore’s store network to 14 locations.

The development of training programs, operations systems and marketing plans to support a growing network of stores.

The operation of event support for the Great Victorian Bike Ride (4000 to 5000 riders), Bicycle Superstore Gravity 12 Hour MTB race, Chase the Sun Mountain Bike series, Hanover Connect Eastlink ride and loads more including Around the Bay in a Day (18,000 riders).

My Qualifications:

• Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
• Diploma in Franchising
• 5 years member of two separate CEO boards


Hear from some of my past clients and be inspired to make a change in your business today!

Mark Schneider owns BodyRight Healthcare, who provide allied health solutions for the aged care, community care, and disability sectors. Having been a sole trader working from home for some years, Mark made the decision that he wanted to stop being a ‘workhorse’ and grow his business beyond just him, which led him to a coaching program. Mark has been able to expand his business and moved into an office. His coach has given him a thorough understanding of the key inner workings of the business, knowledge that acts as a platform for growth.

Mark Schneider , BodyRight Healthcare

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